Open House Success!

Wow! What a day we had!  We held our first open house yesterday and thanks to all of you who came ...we were blown away by the crowds we had!  I just prayed that someone would visit our open house, while Ron was hoping a couple of ladies would attend, and Miss Terri was terrified we would have so many people come that we wouldn't be able to visit with everyone. Well, Miss Terri won that bet! We should have listened to her. Clients came from all over to hear about our new venture.  I so enjoyed meeting you all and introducing you to the new Thermi Smooth and ThermiVa systems.   Now, we are excited to get started on all of your Thermi treatments.  I'm sure we will have a few scheduling kinks to work out, but I can assure you we are ready to start heating' it up!

Tonight,  Ron and I are off to Plano, TX, to attend training classes for new and additional procedures we may plan on adding to our list of services we already offer.  We are looking forward to providing you all more options and keeping "our little corner of the world" as up to date as Los Angeles, California. Watch out Kardashians! The ladies (and guys) of Fort Smith will be looking good and healthy!

Side note: If you missed the open house, do not worry! There will be many more opportunities to get together in the future. We love meeting new people and helping them "wind back the clock." But, please feel free to contact us to schedule your consultation, and refine, restore and rejuvenate wellness and your physical aesthetic from the inside out, with our clinical care team at Beauty Through Health.
Talk to you again next week.  Have a great weekend. I am Texas bound~ Wish me luck!

Dr. Kris Gast

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