At BtH we are proud to bring the best to our patients.  Along those lines we've added ThermiVa to the Thermi list of tools we have to make a happier and healthier you.

ThermiVa is a procedure done in the office by myself and female assistants. It takes about an hour from start to finish. Yes, unfortunately, you have to be up in the stirrups. We do our best to make you as comfortable as possible.

I use a probe which is about the size of my finger, to apply heat to the entire lining of the vaginal vault.  The probe's temperature and your temperature are continually monitored in order to ensure even heating.  The heating of these tissues allows them to rejuvenate, which means the lining gets thicker and tighter.  The lining regrowing decreases the dryness and the increases tightening helping to eliminate the incontinence.

We also spend 10 minutes heating the external opening which helps with the tightness, incontinence and your sensitivity.  The sessions are scheduled 4-6 weeks apart and most patients need three sessions.  Once you've completed the treatments I see you in the office at one month, then every 3 months for a year.

Most ladies want to know how long it will last. This is different for everyone but the average is 2-4 years.  When you find your symptoms are returning you come back in for just one session.  So you may want to do a touch up every couple years.  After all, if you had a choice of wearing a pad for 30 years or not....which would you choose?

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