Why It’s Time to Do Something for You

How many times have you looked into aesthetic services, or plastic surgery to enhance your appearance, and simply talked yourself out of it?  As a responsible spouse and parent, there are always "better things" to spend your money on, and for women particularly, investing money in these personalized services can feel selfish, or even vain.

Why do women (and men) talk themselves out of services that can help them feel, and look better? There are three obstacles that come into play, whenever a client is weighing the benefit of health and wellness support services:

Cost of Treatment

We love the community we serve, and we are proud to be trusted clinical care and medical spa service providers to our friends, neighbors and colleagues.   At Beauty Through Health, we have established a reputation in our community as providing personalized, compassionate service to our patients and clients, and endeavor to provide the best quality care and counseling, at an accessible cost savings.

Beauty Through Health offers a team of committed care professionals who are ready to help you realize results through physician supervised weight loss, therapeutic massage, nutritional and wellness counseling, and much more.

Taking Time Off Post-Procedure

Getting "work done" is something that most clients do not wish to advertise, for a variety of reasons.  That is why the team at Beauty Through Health respects the confidentiality of all our clients, with regards to both health and wellness information (we are HIPAA compliant) as well as for all aesthetic services received in our clinic.  It's a private decision for our patients, and we respect your privacy.

On of the obstacles to seeking plastic surgery or other conventional methods of treatment, is the time off of work (or out of the public eye) in order to heal.  Traditional methods can involve bruising, swelling and other visible signs.  With Thermi, the process is non-invasive, and in most cases, patients can return to work within 1-2 hours after treatment. No down-time required!

The Imposter Syndrome 

This is by far the hardest internal objection to overcome; the concept that you are somehow "not worth it" when you consider weight loss, massage therapy, or advanced aesthetic services.   Our team of clinical experts understand how this inner dialogue works; we are all people who want to feel good and look great too.   But there comes a time when you can change that conversation to a positive, empowering one.

You are worth it.  You do deserve it. And you will love the results.

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