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We all struggle to get through our busy day. As a mother, wife, and Doctor I know first-hand just how hard it is to take the time to care for yourself.  For years, I failed to do so. I would have loved to have had a team that could help me be the woman I really wanted to be.

I know we are all supposed to accept our bodies and shape.... but I also know I feel better, have more energy, and enjoy life when I'm happy about the way I look.  Welcome to my Beauty through Health Clinic, where we help women and men make the desired changes in their appearance and lifestyle.

I've brought together all the people, products, and services I wish I'd had for myself.  You can benefit from what I've learned at Beauty through Health.

We are proud to be the only independent, locally owned clinic to offer THERMIsmooth and THERMIva.  THERMIsmooth allows us to offer you a wide range of services, from the face to the thighs.  THERMIva is the only therapy that works internally and externally.   The non-invasive aesthetic technology of THERMI allows for noticeable results after only a few treatments, and is an affordable,safer and non-painful alternative to surgical methods.

You will find physician supervised weight loss.  Our healthy eating diets range from a basic plan (meaning super easy and painless) to gluten free living. Massage and lymphatic therapy with a certified lymph edema specialist is also part of our plan for being healthy and living beautifully. ​

You have taken care of everyone else; now it’s time to take care of you.  Contact us to schedule your consultation, and refine, restore and rejuvenate wellness and your physical aesthetic from the inside out, with our clinical care team at Beauty Through Wellness.

Dr. Kris Gast

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