Compassion and Personalized Care for Patients With Cancer

Every year in the United States, more than 14 million men and women are diagnosed with cancer, according to data from the National Cancer Institute.  Cancer rates for many types of cancer are in decline, but for millions of Americans annually, finding holistic therapeutic services that support recovery and healing matters.

How Does Massage Help Patients Diagnosed With Cancer?

Both surgery and chemotherapy are invasive and impact the immediate location of treatment, as well as the systemic immune system.  Many research studies have linked massage therapy to measurable health benefits, as an effective means of aiding lymphatic drainage, to assist with the expression of toxins from the body.

For patients who are engaged in cancer treatment, or for anyone who is experiencing chronic pain, symptoms of inflammation or other health concerns, therapeutic massage therapy can assist by:

  • Improving circulation and reducing pain symptoms (in some cases)
  • Reducing chronic fatigue, anxiety or depression and symptoms of insomnia.
  • Reducing nausea and digestive problems.
  • Improving mental clarity and feelings of alertness and energy.
  • Improving muscular range of movement (motion) to reduce soreness and stiffness.

Gentle and light massage therapy can be safely administered to patients at all stages of cancer, under physician supervision.   Tumor areas are not recommended and will not be massaged, to avoid uncomfortable pressure on the tissue and surrounding organs and areas.

There is some general concern about massage therapy promoting the spread of cancer cells throughout the body.  However, many research studies have reported that lymphatic massage therapy does not cause cancer to spread or metastasize. For more information regarding lymphatic and other therapeutic massage options, schedule a consultation with our team.

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